2 Persoons Hangmat Lambada

2 Persoons Hangmat Lambada

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Kleur:  Apple        Tropical


Lambada is the more affordable alternative to our ever popular Barbados hammocks. Just a bit

smaller and only 20% lighter in material weight, the comfortable Lambada is a perfect value for those

to whom a 150 kg weight capacity is the ideal.

Product data:

- Material: 85% cotton (recycled), 15 % polyester

- Packaging: Reusable bag made of colour-coordinated hammock material including hammock

book (see picture above)

- Can be combined with: Frames: Olymp, Apollo, Kronos, Madera, Sumo

Accessories: Easy+, Jumbo, Smartrope, T-Strap, Microrope, Liana, Sono

- Country of origin: Brazil

- Individual pack dimensions: approx. 350 x 250 x 100 mm

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