Familie Hangmat Paradiso

Familie Hangmat Paradiso

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€109,95 Incl. btw
Levertijd: 1 - 5 werkdagen, mits voorradig


Kleur: Cafe     Esmeralda     Natura       Rubin      Silver     Terracotta       Tropical


Paradiso is the best in Brazilian hammock comfort and something quite special:

Only very few looms are suitable for making a 1.75 m wide sheet. In order to make this giant

hammock both extra sturdy and super soft at the same time, almost 5,000 threads are woven


We connect the extra thick cords again here by hand with a woven band so that concentrated loads

are compensated for, giving the hammock a very long operational life.

Product data:

- Material: coloured hammocks: 85% cotton (recycled), 15 % polyester

natura hammocks: 100 % cotton (recyled)

- Packaging: Reusable bag made of colour-coordinated hammock material including

hammock book (see picture above)

- Can be combined with: Frames: Arcus, Troja, Olymp, Madera, Sumo Grande

Accessories: Easy+, Jumbo, T-Strap, Smartrope, Microrope, Liana, Sono

- Country of origin: Brazil 

- Individual pack dimensions: approx. 430 x 250 x 130 mm

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